Changing The Learning Process From The Ground Up

In this post, I will be discussing how Terie Engelbrecht’s blog titled “Make Them Make Their Own Meaning” ( has inspired me to change my behavior in the future for a university assignment. I am in no way affiliated with her or her blog, and do not in any way claim any of her work.

First and foremost, I completely agree with the author about the current problems with both teaching and learning styles. However, I learned a lot about the actual ways that I can try to change this cycle which I did not know before reading her blog post. With this information, I look forward to being able to apply these principles in my own classroom in the future. I do not want my students to learn how to take tests. I would like them to actually retain the information they learn and be able to use it in the future. I now see that the way topics are presented and the types of assignments that are given can have a huge impact on whether or not students actually learn anything. This seems like it would be obvious, but it really is not. There is a fine line between pretending to learn, and actually learning. Education does not need to become a place where educators and students both go through the motions. Real teaching and real learning are a necessity. Otherwise, what is the point in being a student or being a teacher? If it is just for a paycheck or just to satisfy truancy laws, we are not doing ourselves any favors.

Engelbrecht also lists many different ways you can have your students take notes in assisting them in retaining information. I feel that presenting an idea in a variety of ways can help to appeal to all students, as all students learn in different ways. Without a doubt, I want to add these concepts to my future classroom.

Reading this blog has definitely opened my eyes to some things I need to remember once I am a teacher, and I recommend it to any other future or current educator!


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