Project #3 Presentation


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Today we are going to discuss Project Based Instruction. The Alabama College & Career Ready Standards, The Alabama Learning Exchange, and the basics of the Common Core Standards. This will give a basic overview of these concepts for a beginning educator.

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There are many reasons to implement Project Based Learning into your classroom. Creating projects allows students to find answers and learn a great deal along the way.  As these skills develop over time, students will be more prepared for a career where they may have to take on projects or attempt to find solutions on their own.

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Here is a definition from The Buck Institute for Education which will take us further in depth in explaining Project Based Learning.

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This video, “Introduction to Project Based Learning”, is a great example of how PBL can be used in the classroom and should give you a full understanding of the basics of PBL.

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Now we are going to switch topics, and begin discussing the Alabama College and Career Ready Standards, as well as the Common Core Standards.

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First, we will start with the Alabama College and Career Ready Standards. It is somewhat of a pacing guide for learning. Federal and state laws require that students learn a certain amount of information about certain topics within a certain amount of time.

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The Alabama Learning Exchange is a very helpful tool for all teachers. There may be requirements for what is to be taught, but you are not left completely on your own. ALEX is an example of one of the many resources out there available for educators.

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At this time, we will view a video further explaining the Alabama College and Career Ready standards to give you a better understanding of what we are discussing today.

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Now that we have covered the state and local standards, we will go over the Common Core Standards. The Common Core allows us to create additional pacing for learning which aims to put students on a more even playing field across the board.

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Now we will view one last video, this time explaining the Common Core Standards in a way that I think will simplify the concept greatly.


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