The Importance Of Working Together

In this post, I will be discussing how Bill Ferriter’s blog titled “Is Your Team Identifying Essential Learning Targets Together?” ( has inspired me to change my behavior in the future for a university assignment. I am in no way affiliated with him or his blog, and do not in any way claim any of his work.

Reading this blog taught me something I didn’t before fathom. The importance of being on the same page with the other teachers I will be working around. I simply assumed that I would teach the material I needed to cover in class however I wanted, so long as it was in line with both the state and national standards and requirements. However, I now see that I will also need to be teaching a curriculum in line with an other educators focusing on the same subject and grade that I will.

To accomplish this, I will first be sure to stay in contact with my fellow co-workers. Bill Ferriter mentioned in his post that a problem that occurred was that the students from each class moved on to the next grade level knowing and understanding different materials. So, learning from their mistake, I would be sure to come up with some kind of understanding with other teachers on what we should and should not place emphasis on in the classroom. I feel that it will be likely that the more experienced teachers than me in my future place of employment that will already have some type of system like this in place. However, I will make it a priority of mine to make sure I find out about it!

Another thing I learned from this is that I need to figure out what the students already do and don’t  know when they first arrive in my classroom. The same problem could have occurred in the previous grade level. When I am teaching material, I don’t want half of the class to be confused about it, and the other half to be bored because they’ve covered the same material already in the past. Perhaps I could hand out some sort of questionnaire or survey at the beginning of the semester to figure out where they each stand in their level of prior understanding to the material I will be covering. Then I could create some sort of review to catch everyone up and bring all of the students to the same level to the best of my ability.


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