Learning From Mrs. Cassidy

Mrs. Cassidy has made technology a huge part of her classroom. I feel that her usage and implementation of technology has allowed her to create a whole new environment for her students to learn in. It is astounding to me how much learning has changed since I was in elementary school myself. This video is proof to me that adding technology into any classroom can be be beneficial, even if not to the same extent we see in Mrs. Cassidy’s classroom. And while adding technology to any class is important, I also think it is pertinent to make sure that it isn’t taken too far. Human interaction is also key to any child’s development. Mrs. Cassidy shows one way this can be avoided by allowing students to collaborate together on their technological ventures. I plan on doing many group projects such as these, which will help students better get to know each other and themselves! I will be sure to balance both traditional teaching techniques, technological tools, and peer collaboration while implementing project based learning to keep students engaged.

One thing that I thought was really great about her first grade students use of technology was that they were getting feedback to their work online. Children crave acceptance and I feel that it is very important for them to feel that their hard work matters. Feeling encouraged by others kind words could only want to make them work even harder.

I love how Mrs. Cassidy explains to her students the importance of being kind to others on the internet. This is a topic I would definitely cover in my own classroom. These days, it seems that so many people want to go on the internet and bash each other. I don’t feel that this is right, and perhaps if we began teaching children at a young age that it was wrong, people would learn to be kinder over time.

Overall, I think there is so much to learn from both Mrs. Cassidy and her students alike. They both show us the great potential available to us as future educators.


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